The Brewed Sages of Stormbound

Stormbound Players with a Head for the Game; diving weekly into game strategy, news, and updates!

The Brewed Sages return... let's face it: because they just like doing this!  Discussions on the current state of the game, viability of the different archetypes, and Subaiku's overarching philosophy of playing Stormbound :)

And let's also not forget the special congratulations to the Brewed Sage's very own Thomas for achieving the #1 Heroes League rank for the September season!!

The anniversary is over, but the changes roll on! 

Stormbound is going to have new cards(!!!) AND new brawl modes starting October 1st, and of course there are the usually buffs and burfs - don't worry, your favorite Brewed Sage is here to talk all about the changes (unfortunately, so are the other two ;) )

The Brewed Sages are back with a special guest StoneyJ25 -- the current reigning champion of the Stormbound Heroes League for 3 straight months!  How does he do it? What are his opinions on the state of the game? Find out all of this and how to build a deck for ladder!

EARLY STORMBOUND PATCH NOTES!!!!  Seriously, it doesn't get any better than this.  The Brewed Sages try an non-synchronous episode (due to necessity, not a desire to complicated our lives further).  Here's all of our hot takes on the upcoming changes and the anniversary celebration!

The Brewed Sages are back (all three of them (๑•́ ヮ •̀๑) ) and they've been jamming the new and improved Rogue Sheep in every Stormbound deck they can.  What's working?  What's not?  What happened to The Meta Report, anyway... and what's a Deck Detective?  Find out all of this and so much more in this episode of the Brewed Sages!!

You're gonna need to drink a milkshake to get through all 1:36 of this Stormbound content!  The Brewed Sages welcome back Thomas the Train and dissect the latest patch notes - which encompass some of the largest changes to the game in its history.  Balance changes, new (permanent) store offerings, and major changes to Brawl give us more to discuss than we can frankly fit into a single episode, but we give it our best shot!

Over 6 months of Stormbound has come and gone in 2021... which doesn't sound like much until you step back and really *LOOK* at how much has changed!  If you're seeing (Simply) red, The Brewed Sages have a 1/2 year in review; focusing on the card & mechanic balance changes, the rewards changes, and the different brawls we now have - too much analysis for just 1 hour!

The Brewed Sages are back once more.  Freeloader and Subaiku (and yes, even Catloader) chime in on the ENORMOUS changes that are coming to Stormbound!  Some balance changes, of course, a new card - but even more excitingly some BIG changes to Brawl: Check out the new modifiers, and the breadcrumbs Sheepyard has left us on the other changes to the mode which may give it a whole new feel!

It may be a crazy month for the Brewed Sages, but they still managed to find some time to discuss their favorite topic: STORMBOUND!  How's the season going?  What's the meta look like?  And... wait... new brawl modes?!

Bon Chance, Mon Ahmi

The Brewed Sages are back again - it's a new month and we have new changes to cards that we've been play testing... well, at least some of them :).  Is Unstable better? Is all the "Ahmi is really getting nerfed" talk for real?  Do any of the other cards that got buffed see play?  Find out - and learn about all the goings on in the community tournament scene (thanks Derk!) in this episode!

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