The Brewed Sages of Stormbound

Stormbound Players with a Head for the Game; diving into game strategy, news, and updates!

Oh, what a year it has been, fellow Stormbound players - and the Brewed Sages have compiled it all into 1 short hour of fun for you!!  What changed in 2021?  What was added?  Do we like where this game is headed? Most importantly, what message did Reckless leave the Sages?!

Long rumored in hushed tones... oft dreamt of by Stormbound players everywhere...

The Brewed Sages are back to bring tidings of a Holiday miracle: Draft Mode is here - and it's wonderful!  We also will give you a walk-through of our BS Guide for the new mode (of course!), data on the health and growth of the game, and a toast to the New Year!

Stormbounders, Brzoza-claus has come and delivered an early present to the Brewed Sages, and in the spirit of the Holiday Season, we're here to share the gift of leaks with you! The Brewed Sages are back once again - and of course with all the Stormbound content you've been yearning for (Leaks!).  We have so much to discuss, from our new merch store (and Leaks!), community news (and Leaks!), the new Meta Report (LEAKS!!!!), and the new Draft Mode (OMG LEAKS!!!!!!!!). Here's a link to our new Merch Store:

**CORRECTION** When playing multiple runs of Draft Mode in a single week, you can ONLY play with tickets 3 times to earn chest rewards, after that all subsequent runs will be free (and only provide standard win rewards)

The Brewed Sages are back with everyone's second favorite podcast!  We have our most anticipated monthly installment: the Patch Notes episode!  What cards are getting nerfed? What cards are getting burfed?  What cards might transition from meme to meta? 
Also check out some of the improvements to the game: changes which should impact every player from the newest to the most veteran of Stormbound gamer!

Here's a link to the December Patch Notes:

The Brewed Sages tried a little something different this week!  Swing on over to our YouTube channel to see what we've brewed up for you - or use this link to go directly to the video:

The Brewed Sages have brewed up a new Meta Report - this one with even more BS!  Listen in as they walk you through its data, how to use it, and most importantly how it can help you play our favorite game, Stormbound!

Check out the BS Meta Report (v 2.0) here:

The Brewed Sages return with an abundance of Stormbound information for all our listeners!  We have Patch Notes - of course - but we also have an interview with the one and only Brzoza!  How has the last year of development been for Sheepyard?  What treasures are in store for players of Stormbound this coming year?  Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? You'll have to listen to find out!

The Brewed Sages return... let's face it: because they just like doing this!  Discussions on the current state of the game, viability of the different archetypes, and Subaiku's overarching philosophy of playing Stormbound :)

And let's also not forget the special congratulations to the Brewed Sage's very own Thomas for achieving the #1 Heroes League rank for the September season!!

The anniversary is over, but the changes roll on! 

Stormbound is going to have new cards(!!!) AND new brawl modes starting October 1st, and of course there are the usually buffs and burfs - don't worry, your favorite Brewed Sage is here to talk all about the changes (unfortunately, so are the other two ;) )

The Brewed Sages are back with a special guest StoneyJ25 -- the current reigning champion of the Stormbound Heroes League for 3 straight months!  How does he do it? What are his opinions on the state of the game? Find out all of this and how to build a deck for ladder!

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